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almostauthentic's Journal

The time flies feed on rotting clocks.
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I am the most cheerfully jaded bitter fuck you'll never meet.

When we started walking I was in the 1940s
simplify the politics, marvel at the architecture.
You were off on camera, gathering the setting sun,
red brick building tops.
Finally, it almost seemed authentic...

If you're losing your soul and you know it, then you've still got a soul left to lose.

Self-improvement is masturbation. Now, self-destruction...
35mm dreams, abandoned buildings, abstraction, accents, actually liking the music, aesthetic terrorism, altered states of living, anarchism, art in all forms, b-movies, bdsm, beatniks, beauty, being a muse, being knocked off my feet, being very serious, big black bows, big cities, bleak amber-lit bars, blood art, body modification, breaking the fourth wall, casual self-destruction, cinematography, classy porn scenes, clean laundry smell, coffeetime at 4 am, cognitive liberty, cut grass smell, dancing like no-one's watching, dandelions, dismemberment, dopamine rushes, dry humor, dust, eccentricity, eloquence, escapism, euphoria, existentialism, falling apart, fedoras and other fine hats, feeling free, fetish, free love, freshly washed hair, general shenaniganery, genuinely disturbing literature, getting away with murder, grandiosity, guro, harm reduction, heroinspiration, honesty, horrible things, indie everything, industrial, infectious diseases, inspiration, intense situations, letting go, literature, lithopedions, methods of torture, music made by machines, needles, noize, old chuck palahniuk books, olivier de sagazan, open-mindedness, opiates, picking things apart, poking around dilapidated buildings, post-apocalyptic adventures, postcards collected on roadtrips, powernoise, psychonautica, punk rock, radical sexuality, raves, reminders that life's beautiful, romanticism, saving the world, self beautification, self destruction, self discovery, serial killers, sex as art, sex as ritual, shock value, smoking late at night, subculture, subversion, subversive arts & crafts, that crack rocksteady beat, the church of satan, the merry pranksters, the panic movement, the underground, theremins, things that matter, things you'd find gross, toronto, tracks (train and otherwise), tragic beauty, transgressive literature, underground bunkers, unexpected phone calls, writing on bathroom mirrors, you